April 20, 2024 8:54 am
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Georgia Restaurants Ranked Top 100 in Nation

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Mohamed Bughrara

Yelp announced its list of the Top 100 US restaurants for 2022, which includes some Georgia love. Yelp’s Top 100 US Restaurants list, was crafted using Yelpers ratings about their favorite dining establishments. Then, Yelp rated each based on the overall number of entries, ratings, reviews, and regional representation.

 Fia Restaurant, Atlanta, Georgia 

This warm and cheerful neighborhood restaurant, influenced by traditional Western Mediterranean food, is nestled in a freshly refurbished luxury resort just north of Atlanta’s famed Buckhead area.

Cook and hotel owner Burges Jokhi specializes in top meats, fish, and vegetables combined with regional tastes and served over a wood-fired barbecue.

This restaurant is ranked 32nd.

Whiskey Bird, Atlanta, Georgia 

Whiskey Bird is a local restaurant in the upscale Morningside district that serves American favorites with an Asian touch.

A Crispy Grouper Sandwich with a Saltine Crust joins sushi rice cakes topped with crispy shrimp or a whole roasted cauliflower on the menu.

Try their take on a Southern classic, the Hong Kong Chicken & Waffles, which come with mango and strawberries and are coated with Szechuan peppercorn maple syrup.

This restaurant is ranked 37nd.

43. Red Phone Booth, Atlanta, Georgia 

Red Phone Booth takes its drinks seriously, serving Prohibition-era classics like the Sazerac over hand-chipped, filtered ice.

To get in, you must know the secret code, which is only given out to members and a few lucky Atlanta hotel concierges, and enter it at a real, London-style phone booth.

You’ll then be whisked away to a fancy lounge loaded with 180 different types of whiskey.

This restaurant is ranked 43rd.

Brunch House Augusta, Augusta, Georgia

Comfort food with a Southern twist, such as grits or chicken and waffles.

Comfort food with a Southern twist, such as grits and shrimp or chicken and waffles. Lunch menu items include burgers, sandwiches, and pasta bowls. Brunch House Augusta, located in a classic 1960s building, offers a made-from-scratch food with retro-inspired décor evocative of old-school greasy spoon eateries. Diners may take a seat at the wrap-around counter on pedestal stools covered in candy-apple-red vinyl, or they can choose an equally vivid booth.

Diners covered in candy-apple-red vinyl, or they can choose an equally vivid booth. Either location is ideal for savoring some of Augusta’s greatest breakfasts and burgers.

This restaurant is ranked 51st.

The Albert, Atlanta, Georgia 

In a town known for its award-winning burgers, The Albert frequently wins for its namesake burger, which includes pimento cheese, bacon, and pickled red onion. 

The Albert, located in Atlanta’s oldest suburb, Inman Park, is a real neighborhood pub where you can grab wonderful cuisine, drink one of 70 different kinds of beer.

The decor is pub-like, the staff is knowledgeable, and they provide a fantastic brunch in a very brunch-y setting, with standouts including the challah french toast.

This restaurant is ranked 93rd.

Georgia Legislature approves coverage to help first responders cope with job-related PTSD treatment

The Ashley Wilson Act, named for Gwinnett police sergeant Ashley Wilson, passed unanimously in the Georgia House of Representatives, aiming to provide supplemental health insurance for first responders diagnosed with PTSD due to on-the-job experiences. This landmark legislation, celebrated for its potential to significantly aid in the recovery and support of traumatized first responders, reflects a broader recognition of PTSD’s serious impact on public safety personnel, promising financial and treatment support beginning January 1, 2025.

FAFSA delays pose challenges for Georgia college-bound students

Students across Georgia are facing delays in the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) process, particularly challenging due to its late January rollout and additional complications for mixed-status families. Despite these setbacks, the Department of Education has implemented fixes for major issues, and officials, including MorraLee Keller of the National College Attainment Network, urge students not to give up on securing financial aid for college.