February 24, 2024 7:48 am
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Voting rights decision may curb push to diversify Georgia, Alabama utility commissions

by Kristi Swartz, Georgia Recorder Brionte´ McCorkle was “furious” when a federal appeals court ruled in late November that Georgia could keep its current method of electing its powerful utility regulators. She punched her kickboxing heavy bag so hard that it broke. “I busted the bag, I was that mad,” she said. But, McCorkle added, “We’re not …

Analysis: It’s uncertain if push to ‘Stop Cop City’ got enough valid signers for Atlanta referendum

An effort to block the construction of a new public safety training center in Atlanta through a ballot referendum might have enough valid petition signers to move forward, according to a new analysis from GPB and three partner newsrooms. But legal and logistical hurdles remain.

Georgia’s Unemployment Rate Remains Unchanged While Labor Force Reaches Record High

According to the Georgia Department of Labor, the state’s unemployment rate held steady at 3.4% in October. Notably, Georgia’s unemployment rate was five-tenths lower than the national unemployment rate. The state’s labor force set a new peak at 5,349,119, rising by 9,862 in October and by 116,549 over the past 12 months. The labor force …

Georgia GOP lawmakers steam ahead with new political maps, Dems predict collision with court review

Georgia Republican senators voted Tuesday in favor of a controversial congressional map after deflecting criticism that the redrawn districts unfairly target a Democratic congresswomen while also conflicting with a federal judge’s order directing the state to remedy voting rights violations against Black voters.

Georgia Gas Prices Surge After Fuel Tax is Reinstated

Georgia’s pump prices are on the rise following the return of the state’s fuel tax. Governor Brian Kemp had initially suspended the tax in September through an executive order, citing elevated gas prices as an emergency for residents of Georgia. Governor Kemp’s decision to suspend the fuel tax resulted in a monthly loss exceeding $150 …